Unity calms the kitchen

With so many things competing for attention – a handrail, half-wall (with a large round clock), handrail again, and staggered-height cabinets – this kitchen has a lot going on. As in any room, too many shapes will make the room look busy. Finding a balance between busy and boring is always a fine line. Sometimes, all that is needed to make a room more flowing and peaceful is unity.

For an unbeatable, crisp, clean look, a “less is more” idea was employed. First, the top of the cabinets were aligned under a continuous band of trim. This even-across-the-top-look provides a streamlined appearance. Next, to add depth to a long wall of cabinets, glass front doors were used on both sides of the microwave. This combined area, which is equal to the width of the balcony, “supports” the balcony and draws the eye away from the refrigerator. These changes, and subtle others, create a nice, tight-fitting, tailored look.

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